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Lulu Mbugua - CEO, Luguah


To inspire confidence, embrace diversity and redefine beauty standards inclusively and uniquely.

Luguah aims to inspire a profound transformation in how people perceive and embrace their own beauty. We are dedicated to igniting confidence, celebrating diversity, and reshaping traditional beauty standards inclusively and uniquely. Through our innovative products, influential campaigns, and nurturing community, we empower individuals to embrace their authenticity and redefine their own beauty standards. We believe in a world where confidence transcends all boundaries, diversity is recognised and celebrated, and the concept of beauty is broadened to encompass the rich tapestry of human individuality.


The significance of this vision statement lies in its aspiration to reshape beauty perceptions and practices. By empowering beauty “beyond boundaries,” Luguah commits to breaking down the confines of traditional ideals and acknowledging that beauty is not confined to one specific mould. This vision emphasises the importance of self-confidence, individuality, and self-expression, promoting the idea that true beauty emerges when people are empowered to be themselves without limitations.

Company Values

1. Authenticity signifies a commitment to open communication, transparency with ingredient
sourcing and processes, and a genuine connection with customers. It helps build trust and
loyalty by showing that our values align with our actions.
2. Inclusivity reflects our commitment to providing products that meet the needs of all customers, regardless of their background. It shows respect for diversity and helps customers feel seen and valued.
3. Empowerment encourages customers to make informed choices, understand their skin’s needs, and develop self-confidence. By providing education and personalised solutions, we become a partner in our customers’ self-care journeys.
4. Innovation signals to customers that the brand is committed to staying relevant and delivering effective, cutting-edge products that address their evolving skincare needs.
5. Compassion fosters a sense of care and connection, enhancing customer loyalty and positive brand perception.
6. Sustainability showcases a commitment to minimising the environmental footprint.

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